What Your Interior Door Style Says About You

What Your Interior Door Style Says About You

Choosing an interior door is important to reflect the style of your home, but have you ever thought what your interior door says about you? Our personality shows up in how we decorate and the stylistic choices we make. Here’s a cheeky breakdown of how different types of interior door styles speak to your personality.

French Doors

You are an open book. To you, transparency is an important quality in any relationship and you firmly believe in the power of honesty. However, even when hard truths come out, it is a testament to how well you live your life because you always manage to let the light in.

Arch Top           

You’re warm and inviting. Not only do people feel comfortable in your presence, but they routinely tell you all their secrets, without you even having to ask. However, even though you’re easily approachable, you’re also known as someone who forges your own path.

Raised Panel

You may be classy, but you also aren’t afraid to stand out. You like traditions and tend to be your best self in situations where you can most easily predict the outcome. There’s something about you that people tend to just inherently trust when they meet you and you’re constantly told, “you look familiar — do I know you?” 

Shaker Style

Your friends think of you as “the dependable one” and you love being someone they can count on. You’ve always been sure of yourself and it shows in how people look up to you. Still, even though you’re steadfast in who you are, there are also sides to you that people don’t always realize right away and it can take awhile to get to know you deeply.

Barn Doors

Never one to miss a trend, you have an enormous collection of Pinterest boards and you’re constantly thinking about redecorating. You appreciate the finer details of life and aren’t afraid to go after what you want. While you have a rustic side, you’re also a creature of comfort and you aren’t afraid to admit it.


What style of interior door best fits your personality?

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