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Capture photos and videos of the entire process! From the "before" to installation to the finished look, we want to see it all. The more you share, the more you can earn.

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Submit your project in the form below. Be sure to include all relevant content and details about your project.

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Door to Door will review your submission and notify you with an offer of up to $500. Payment comes in the form of a refund on your most recent order.

What We're Looking For

  • All Project Stages: We want to see it all! Don't forget to show each step of the process if possible. This includes images of the "before", the installation, and the finished product.
  • All Angles: Ideally, submissions will include full room shots as well as close up images of your door.
  • Testimonials: We want to hear from you! Send us a video explaining the background behind your project, why you chose Door to Door, and your experience working with us.
  • Demonstrations: Show us your project with a video walkthrough of your door in the space.

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Fill out the form below to earn up to $500


What kind of videos and photos is Door to Door looking for?

We are looking for any content that shows our products and how they can be used. This includes whole rooms, outdoor spaces, the installation process, video demonstrations and testimonials.

Are professional shots required?

No! Content can be captured on a phone, GoPro or any other equipment available.

What content will receive the maximum payout?

We look for quality and quantity when evaluating submissions. Clear images or videos in a variety of angles during all stages of the project will receive the highest payout.

How will I be paid?

Payment comes in the form of a refund on your most recent order.

How can I take quality videos and photos?

Make sure your camera or phone is set to the highest resolution and image quality. We ask that your images be between 1-3 MB, but higher resolution is always better! If your phone supports this video option, select 4K at 60 fps, OR select 1080p HD at 60 fps. Capture a variety of angles (including portrait and landscape) and make sure to send the largest resolution option when submitting your content.

What is the best way to send videos and photos?

Submit your content to our form here.

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