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Need a Refresh? Here's What Color to Paint Your Front Door

Need a Refresh? Here's What Color to Paint Your Front Door

Is the facade of your home looking a little...dull? 

Don't worry — you don't have to spring for all new siding to get a refreshed exterior look. In fact, simply putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door can create a whole new look and feel for your exterior. 

But now comes the tough part: figuring out what color to paint it. Let's go over the options to help you decide: 

Option #1: Your current shade

If you really like the current color of your front door — but think it looks worn and dated — then there's no need for a completely new color! A fresh coat of the same color might just be what you need to feel refreshed.  

Option #2: Same color, different shade

If you want to lighten or darken things up, this choice can be a subtle shift that makes a big difference. Look for a shade or two darker or lighter for a new look that's still inside your comfort zone.  

Option #3: Go neutral 

There's a lot to be said for neutral colors that give your home a timeless look. Consider choosing black, brown or grey (depending on the colors of your siding and shutters) for a classic, understated feel. 

Option #4: Go bold

If subtle isn't your thing, maybe it's time to repaint your door in a bold, eye-catching way. Think a bright red or a deep blue. Just be sure to think through how a bold door will look with the other exterior colors on your house.  

Option #5: Go bright

A brightly-colored front door ensures that your curb appeal is all about happy vibes. Paint your door a bright teal, yellow or other color that can't be ignored and you won't have to worry about the facade of your home feeling dull ever again. 

What option feels right for you? 

Or, if paint isn't your problem, maybe it's time for a whole new door. Shop now. 


Use This Checklist to Tackle Fall Exterior Maintenance

Use This Checklist to Tackle Fall Exterior Maintenance

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your home — that's why it's important to use the fall to prepare. With this checklist, you can get your home in tip-top shape before the weather turns colder. 

Here are some home projects to tackle this fall:  

  • Check your exterior for cracks or holes, and use caulk to fill in any problem areas. Double-check around windows and door frames, as well as along your siding and where wires or pipes enter your home. This quick fix can help your home stay more insulated once cold weather hits. 
  • Add weather stripping to your windows and doors. This is another quick way to potentially save big on your heating bill this winter. If your doors are too old and warped for weather stripping to help, it may be time to upgrade. 
  • Clean out your gutters. Wait until most of the leaves have fallen so you won't have to worry about doing this chore more than once! 
  • Turn off outdoor faucets and store your garden hose in a garage or shed. 
  • Seal any gaps or holes. Even small holes can become entrances for critters looking for warmth! 
  • Rake up and remove all leaves. Even though they look pretty when they first fall, failing to dispose of leaves — and then potentially letting them become blanketed by snow — can cause problems for grass growth in the spring. 
  • Get your heating system serviced by a professional. This can help optimize your home's heating abilities before they're put to the test. 
  • Stock up on winter supplies like fire wood and driveway salt. 

Checking off the items on this list will make you feel more prepared for winter weather and avoid potential problems that could be a big blow to your budget come spring. 

Have doors that need replacing? You've come to the right place. 


How Long Should Your Front Door Last?

How Long Should Your Front Door Last?

If you’ve never needed to replace your front door before, you might be wondering: just how long should it last, anyway?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is far from straightforward — and it depends on a lot of contributing factors. For instance: 

  • What materials are your door made of?
  • Is your door protected by an overhang or covered porch?
  • Has your door been well maintained?

You may not even know the answers to some of these questions, especially if you aren’t your door’s original owner. And while most wood doors should last between 20 and 60 years — and most fiberglass doors should last even longer — age isn’t always the best indicator that it’s time to replace your door.

If you’re unsure how old your door is, here are some other telltale signs you can look for that will let you know it’s time to replace it:

  • The wood of your door has started to show signs of rot, likely beginning along the door jamb.
  • The wood of your door has started to get soft in areas.
  • You start to notice drafts or light coming in around the seams of your door.
  • The shape of the door has warped and no longer closes easily or firmly.

If any of the above are true for your doors, it might be time to consider replacements. When it comes to the entry points of your home, you need doors that are safe, secure and can stand up to the elements.

Of course, we’re forgetting one very important reason that it may be time to replace your doors…you want a new look! Regardless of how long your front door is supposed to last, you should always feel comfortable trading in and trading up when you want to.

Whatever your reasoning, we can help you find the best door for your home. 

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How to Prep for Hurricane Season

How to Prep for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season can be a nerve-wracking time for homeowners, especially if you live near the coast. Luckily, thanks to advanced warning from forecasters, you can take steps to prepare your home and minimize damage.

Here’s how you can keep your home — and family! — as safe as possible this hurricane season:

  • Pay attention. Make sure you’re following the forecast and listening to recommendations, so you’ll have as much notice as possible if a hurricane is predicted to hit.
  • Get your outdoor property ready. You may have furniture or plants that need to be brought into the garage or otherwise stabilized.
  • Stock your storm kit. Gather a good supply of first-aid supplies, batteries, canned foods, bottled water, flashlights and anything else you might need if you lose power for a considerable amount of time.
  • Check your foundation for cracks. This can help you avoid a potential flooding disaster.
  • Secure your windows. Depending on where you live and your risk factors, this may mean boarding up your windows temporarily, or you may just need to take additional security measures.
  • Check your doors. Your doors will need a tight seal to stay strong against high winds, so consider replacing for a better fit if your current doors have warped over time.
  • Clean your gutters. Having leaves and other debris already built up in your gutters increases the chances of water backflowing into your house, so start with a clean slate.
  • Buy surge protectors. They can help protect your electronics in the event of a power surge.

However you choose to prepare for hurricane season, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to assess the stability of your house and make your plans for in the event of an emergency. Develop a preparedness strategy and evacuation plan with your family early so you’ll be prepared no matter what happens.

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How to Do Home Reno on a Budget

How to Do Home Reno on a Budget

Having a vision for your home is one thing…and having the budget for it is another. However, just because you can’t afford that complete kitchen redo right now doesn’t mean you can’t still make meaningful upgrades to satisfy your renovation urges while you save up.

Here are eight home renovation ideas you can do on a budget:

  1. Paint your kitchen cabinets. It might not be the full upgrade you were hoping for, but painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to breathe new life into your kitchen without the big price tag.
  2. Change out a light fixture. Old light fixtures instantly date a room, but are easy and affordable to upgrade to a more modern look.
  3. Swap out hardware. From door handles to cabinet pulls, trade your old, worn knobs and hardware for something trendier.
  4. Wallpaper an accent wall. Once regarded as dated, wallpaper has made a huge come back in home décor trends — and, as a bonus, stick on wallpaper is super simple to apply.
  5. Upgrade your doors. Do you have scratched, dented or warped doors? Upgrading to new doors is an easy way to change the look of an entrance without breaking the bank.
  6. Change out your window treatments. While your window treatments are a small portion of your décor, changing them up can make a big difference to the look and feel of a room.
  7. Add board and batten or crown molding to a room. Both of these projects instantly add dimension to your walls and can be easily DIYed at an affordable price.
  8. Add built-in storage. Adding shelving or replacing a pedestal sink with a vanity is a great way to add beauty and function to a room in your home.

As a final reminder, renovations don’t have to be expensive or complicated to make a big difference in the visual appeal and livability of your home. Try one of the above budget updates and see how good it feels to renovate and save.

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2020 Door Trends to Shake Up Your Style

2020 Door Trends to Shake Up Your Style

Looking for a subtle, low-maintenance way to shake up your home’s style? Look no further than the biggest door trends of 2020. Changing up your door is the perfect DIY upgrade that can be accomplished in an afternoon, but still make a significant difference in the look and feel of your home. Whether you’re interested in interior or exterior, these are door trends you’re going to want to try out.

Here are our top three favorite 2020 door trends to look out for:

Bright, bold colors

Particularly for front doors, choosing a bright and bold color is a great way to put a signature look on the façade of your home. Gone are the days of doors blending in with a home’s exterior — in 2020, it’s all about standing out. Consider emerald green, deep purple, teal or even yellow as a welcoming entrance to your house. Or, rather than painting an accent wall in a room, consider simply painting the door for a burst of color. 

Metallic and matte black hardware

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full door upgrade, consider just upgrading the hardware to a more modern look. Shiny metallics, like gold and copper, and matte black finishes are very in right now and can make your door instantly feel more polished. 

Multi-slide patio doors

The modern, functional appearance of a multi-slide patio door can help brighten your home and give it a more open feel. Natural light is a big style winner right now — with window walls suddenly all the rage — so don’t be afraid to capitalize on this trend with your doors as well.

Need more style inspiration? Check out our collection of interior doors.


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