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How Valuable is a New Front Door?

How Valuable is a New Front Door?

You've probably heard how buying a new front door can add value to your home — but just how much value? 

Essentially, what it comes down to is curb appeal. An old, dated or damaged front door instantly brings down the curb appeal of your home and creates a negative first impression from the very first step. In fact, a dingy front door can make your entire home look poorly taken care of, unintentionally shining a light on any other small issues you may have hoped buyers would overlook. 

Then, of course, there's the function of a door to consider. Potential buyers want to see their new home as a safe haven, not one that is only protected by a flimsy or failing front door. This is all part of the first impression your entryway has the power to create.  

But let's talk numbers. In research conducted by Therma-Tru Doors, it was found that a new door can add up to $24,000 to a home's perceived value. With a number as drastic as that, replacing your front door seems like a no-brainer. 

Beyond simply swapping out your doors, creating an entirely new and welcoming entryway can make a world of difference. Think about how the walkway up to your front door functions for visitors. Is it accessible? Free of any debris and growing weeds? Now, what about your front porch — is it clean and welcoming? Addressing all of these questions can help your door shine its very brightest. 

And speaking of brightness, have you considered a fresh coat of paint to up the value even further? Get rid of all those old nicks or dings and choose a color that allows the front of your home to greet visitors as warmly as possible.

Ready to add some value and curb appeal to your home? We can help with that.


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Here's How to Make Your Doors Last Longer

Here's How to Make Your Doors Last Longer

Fact: The better you treat your doors, the longer they'll last.  

With wooden doors, the biggest risk is fading, warping or rotting over time. That's why it's important to check your exterior doors a few times per year to help you stay on top of any maintenance issues and fix any problems before they become major issues. 

Here's what you should do each time you check your door for maintenance:  

  1. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. This will help remove any pollen or buildup that could threaten the quality of your paint job over time. 
  1. Assess any surface level issues, like chipped paint or dents. Whether these issues are problematic enough to do anything about right then is up to you, but it's still important to keep track of any blemishes.

  2. Apply new paint and finish, if needed. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in refreshing the look of your door, and the right finish can help protect the wood from mold and rot.

  3. Repeat every 4-6 months. While your doors don't need a ton of oversight, checking in once per season (or a little longer) is the best way to stay on top of maintenance. 

Following these simple steps can help easily extend the lifespan of your doors until it's time for a replacement. It won't take you longer than an hour or so to do, but will help instill the confidence that your doors are in good shape for the time being. 

Of course, once it's time for a replacement, you know where to go.  

Check out options for a new exterior door. 



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5 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Winter

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Winter

Don't get caught by surprise as colder weather rolls in! Instead, take steps to prepare and protect your home from the elements.  

Luckily, your to-do list doesn't need to be overwhelming to produce great results. By following these five tips, you can tackle your winter prep over a single weekend. Here's what you need to do: 

Seal your door frames and windows

This will help keep cold air out where it belongs. Using weather stripping, installing door sweeps or covering particularly drafty windows in plastic is a great way to regulate the temperature in your home and reduce your heating bill this winter. 

Clean out your gutters from all the fallen leaves 

The last thing you want is for snow or winter rains to fill your gutters and freeze overnight. That could cause water to back up and leak into your home — and no one wants to deal with that in the winter. Instead, start this cold weather season with a clean slate. 

Store away your hose and shut off outdoor faucets 

By completely removing and draining your hose, you can avoid any pooled water freezing and cracking the pope. 

Stock up on sidewalk salt 

If you live in an area where snow is anticipated, sidewalk salt is a great way to maintain safety on your home's stairs and walkways. However, it can be harder to find as winter weather approaches, so stock up now. 

Get your heating system serviced

You don't want to wait until freezing overnight temperatures to learn your heating system isn't functioning properly. Instead, get it checked now and head off any problems before cold weather truly sets in. Do you use a fireplace in the winter? If so, make sure you also stock up on firewood now.  

Need new doors before winter rolls in? We can help with that. 

Shop exterior doors. 


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The Weather is Getting Colder — Are Your Doors Sealed?

The Weather is Getting Colder — Are Your Doors Sealed?

With colder weather just around the corner, we have one very important question for you: Are your doors sealed? 

Maybe you’ve been meaning to get around to it. Maybe you’ve never considered doing it. Maybe you haven’t lived in your home very long and you aren’t even sure. Either way, we’re here to make our case. 

So, why should you consider sealing your doors this winter? Sealing your doors secures the vulnerable openings of your home against drafts. A drafty doorway not only throws off temperature regulation within your home, but it can also cause an unnecessary spike in your energy bills. 

Think of it this way: If heat is escaping your home through the cracks in your doorway, your heating system will have to work extra hard to maintain the warm temperature in your home. This means you’ll be essentially paying to heat the outdoors … which is basically throwing money down the drain.  

Luckily, sealing your doors isn’t as challenging as it sounds. In fact, there are several simple DIY hacks you can do to secure the cracks around your doors. Follow these steps:  

  1. Make sure your door fits your doorframe as tightly as possible. If your door has warped or weathered over time, you may need to consider replacing your doors before attempting sealing measures. 
  2. Use pieces of weather stripping to seal any gaps along the side of the door. 
  3. Attach a door sweep to the bottom of your door to block drafts from coming underneath. 

With these small tweaks, your home will stay more comfortable this winter and your heating bills will stay more manageable. Plus, the same logic works in the summertime, so be prepared to see lower cooling bills as well! 

First thing’s first: Let’s make sure your doors fit properly. 

Shop exterior doors.  

Let’s Talk About Gutters

Let’s Talk About Gutters

At best, gutters are unappreciated. At worst, they’re mocked. Think about it — when you describe something as going, “down the gutter”...well... it’s never a good thing. 

However, we’re here to set the record straight: gutters are awesome and deserve to be celebrated. Sure, they may all but blend into your siding, but the benefits gutters provide to your home are worthy of acclaim. 

For starters, gutters take on the crucial role of diverting water away from your home. Here are a few reasons why that’s so beneficial — and why you’ll never regret taking time to maintain your gutters.  

  • Gutters reduce the chance of basement flooding.
  • Gutters protect your siding from water stains, mold and mildew. 
  • Gutters protect your landscaping and prevent erosion.
  • Gutters protect your foundation from water seepage.
  • Gutters help preserve the health of your exterior doors and garage doors. 

That’s why, even though your gutters are meant to be used and not seen, it’s still important to ensure they’re properly maintained so they can do their job. At minimum, make sure you clean out your gutters twice per year — more frequently if you live in a heavily wooded area. 

If it’s been awhile since your last gutter cleaning, now’s the perfect time to start with a clean slate before autumn leaves start falling with a vengeance. And don’t worry — if gutter maintenance isn’t your thing, you can always outsource this very important home upkeep task. 

Above all, don’t wait until there’s a problem with your gutters to make sure they are properly maintained. By that point, you may be dealing with water damage that is much more costly to fix. 

The exterior of your home deserves to shine. While maintaining your gutters is up to you, we know a thing or two about quality exterior doors — and we’re happy to share our wisdom. 

Upgrade your doors. 


Need a Refresh? Here's What Color to Paint Your Front Door

Need a Refresh? Here's What Color to Paint Your Front Door

Is the facade of your home looking a little...dull? 

Don't worry — you don't have to spring for all new siding to get a refreshed exterior look. In fact, simply putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door can create a whole new look and feel for your exterior. 

But now comes the tough part: figuring out what color to paint it. Let's go over the options to help you decide: 

Option #1: Your current shade

If you really like the current color of your front door — but think it looks worn and dated — then there's no need for a completely new color! A fresh coat of the same color might just be what you need to feel refreshed.  

Option #2: Same color, different shade

If you want to lighten or darken things up, this choice can be a subtle shift that makes a big difference. Look for a shade or two darker or lighter for a new look that's still inside your comfort zone.  

Option #3: Go neutral 

There's a lot to be said for neutral colors that give your home a timeless look. Consider choosing black, brown or grey (depending on the colors of your siding and shutters) for a classic, understated feel. 

Option #4: Go bold

If subtle isn't your thing, maybe it's time to repaint your door in a bold, eye-catching way. Think a bright red or a deep blue. Just be sure to think through how a bold door will look with the other exterior colors on your house.  

Option #5: Go bright

A brightly-colored front door ensures that your curb appeal is all about happy vibes. Paint your door a bright teal, yellow or other color that can't be ignored and you won't have to worry about the facade of your home feeling dull ever again. 

What option feels right for you? 

Or, if paint isn't your problem, maybe it's time for a whole new door. Shop now. 


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