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Door orders from Door to Door typically process within 6 to 7 business days. Door orders with jamb kits have, at this time, an additional lead time of 7 to 14 days. We ship to the 48 contiguous U.S. states and the District of Columbia only. For shipping to Hawaii and Alaska, please contact us for a quote on your order.

Shipping fees cover standard delivery to the end of the residential driveway. Front Door Delivery is available for an additional fee, and consists of the crate being brought to the front door, porch or garage of the house. This is limited to a maximum of 10 doors. There are restrictions to this service such as stairs, having a gravel or unpaved driveway, steep hill or uneven surfaces preventing a pallet jack from being able to navigate to a house’s front door. Any of these restrictions should be noted at time of check out in the “Notes” section. We can evaluate if this service is an option and have the freight company plan accordingly when scheduling your delivery.

When your merchandise arrives, expect it to be heavy and bulky. The doors come on pallets and are crated, weighing at least 125lbs. They are delivered by motor freight carriers such as Estes or Old Dominion Truck Lines for example. Residential freight deliveries are not just dropped off at a customer’s home like UPS or FedEx. Freight deliveries require an appointment and usually more than one person to help offload. A signature is also required on a delivery receipt agreeing that the freight has been delivered “in good order, free and clear of visible damage”. If there is damage, or if the strap or shrink wrap is missing, do not sign the delivery receipt until it is called into the carrier and reported. The driver will get an “exception number” and notate it on the delivery receipt with the number of doors damaged. At this point, take pictures of the crate damage, and any damage to the doors. You may also open the crate in the presence of the driver to do so.


If you sign the delivery receipt and there is damage that is not reported on the spot, we cannot file a claim.

Your signature without an exception or DD (delivered damaged) number, constitutes that freight has arrived without damage and we will not be responsible for refunding or replacing the doors. You are agreeing to accept the delivery and contents as is.

**Damage needs to be reported within 48 hours. Please open and inspect your order within this time frame.

**Freight carriers will not deliver your doors if you are not home. Someone of 18 years or older must be present to accept delivery. If an appointment is made and you are not there when the driver arrives, you may be subject to a $75 re-delivery fee. If the Freight Company has to hold your merchandise for any given amount of time due to missed scheduled deliveries, you may be charged for storage fees. If the Freight Company cannot reach the customer by phone or email with the information associated on their order to schedule delivery, customer may be subjected to paying the full amount of S&H fees for a new, separate shipment.

Please do not expect the driver to assist in helping you unload, unpack or move your delivery. You can expect the driver to move the crate to the end of that back of the trailer. If the crate is over 150lbs., a liftgate will likely be used to lower the crate to the ground. It will be your responsibility to move and open the crate from that point on. Again, we highly recommend to have assistance when receiving your door order with delivery. If you are not able to get assistance, the doors are easier to be managed once they are removed from the crate. Having a crowbar or hammer handy will help in removing the packaging.

How We Package

We take care in packaging our product. Please be prepared for the excess material and have a plan for removal and disposal of the crating materials used in packaging your doors. The driver is not responsible to remove, dispose of, or take away any of the packaging material that comes with our doors.

Pictured here is one door crated and ready to ship, for your reference.

Please note, some drivers have been known to be of more assistance if you are able to offer them some financial compensation, but we cannot guarantee this - it’s just a recommendation from previous experience. Please be safe in unloading your merchandise.

All orders are shipped via a motor freight carrier. Dealing with a motor freight carrier is different than using UPS or the postal service. For UPS, order will be dropped off without notification or signature required(unless customer chooses option at checkout). Someone must be present at the shipping location to inspect the packaging for damage. When your product arrives, expect it to be heavy and bulky. The driver will lower the freight to the ground and get it out of the weather if the location is easily traversed with a pallet jack. If the pathway/driveway is long, sloped, graveled, or basically tough to maneuver plan on taking the shipment at the drivers truck. Do not expect a motor freight driver to carry anything inside unless an inside delivery was arranged prior to shipment. If inside delivery is needed additional charges will apply.

The door(s) will be easier to manage once you cut the plastic bands that bind them to the pallet. This will leave you handling a 60 lb door (approximately) rather than an entire pallet. This will also allow you to inspect for any damage.

When your order arrives, be sure to inspect for quantities ordered and condition. All claims must be made within 48 hours of receipt of your door. If the strap is broken or the package appears damaged DO NOT release the driver or sign for the delivery. Document all damage and contact us to submit a claim with the carrier within 48 hours of receipt. We are not responsible for orders not checked within the claim window.If any items are missing from your order, you must notify us via email or phone within 7 days of receipt. If any claims need to be filed, we are only responsible for working with the Freight Companies that deliver from our warehouse to shipping addresses within the United States. If items are shipped outside of the country after we have fulfilled the delivery with one of the Freight Carriers we use, and if there has been any damage that has occurred from the shipping destination within the United States, to the final destination outside of the United States, the customer is responsible for handling those claims with Carrier that was reassigned after our fulfillment.

A Note About Local Pickup:

Due to limited space and increased Local Pick-Ups at our metro-Atlanta warehouse, please plan to pick up within 24 hours of notice that your order is ready. If more time is needed to plan for your pick-up, please contact Jesus at:

Return Policies

Because of the shop labor, shipping, packaging, and administrative costs incurred in processing an order, it is important that our customers know exactly what they want and need before ordering. If you are not sure what you are ordering, please call us for clarification. A sale that results in an unhappy customer is not worth the sale. There is a 60 day return time from the date order is delivered to customer.

In the event you must return or request a refund of any type, your refund must be approved and will be initiated within 24-48 hours with the same form of payment when the order was originally placed.

There is a 25% restocking fee on In-Stock 6'8" tall doors and 30% restocking fee on 8' tall doors. All sales of custom doors, including orders with jamb kits,  all hardware and all fiberglass doors are final and not eligible for refund.

For details on Door to Door's warranty policy, please click here.

The following steps are required for any qualifying returned merchandise:

  • Step 1:

    Contact Door to Door Company and explain size and quantity(s) getting returned.

  • Step 2:

    Take pictures of door(s) before packing back up.

  • Step 3:

    Items MUST be packed up in the same material(pallet, crating material, and straps)-just as package was received. Take pictures of door(s) after packing up.

  • Step 4:

    Work order will be created to cover restocking fee, along with the S & H fee, customer is responsible for paying.

  • Step 5:

    Once pictures and work order is received, Door to Door Co will email a Return label.

  • Step 6:

    Confirmation of pick up address is needed. Door to Door Co will schedule the pick up with the Freight Company.

Altering Shipping Location And/Or Delivery Date After Order Leaves Warehouse

When orders come in with the shipping address submitted, we schedule and coordinate with the Freight Company accordingly. If a change of address gets altered after order ships, the customer is subject to a possible reconsignment fee, starting at $75 and up-depending on location. Customer is responsible to pay the extra reconsignment fee before delivery can be completed.

If you know of a date that you will not be able to accept your delivery, please state in the "Notes" section of your order of the block-out dates you will not be home. Once your order leaves our warehouse and is in the possession of the Freight Company, they need to plan for delivery based on their normal routes and processing. If there is no one 18+ to accept your delivery when the Freight Company arrives with the shipping address shown on your order, or you request to hold the delivery after it has left our warehouse, you will be subjected to daily storage fees incurred by the Freight Company.

Eligibility for Refund

Once your order leaves our warehouse, it is in the freight carrier's possession. In order for your delivery to be completed, the freight company must be able to speak with you to schedule your delivery, then have someone present to sign and inspect the merchandise. If the freight company is not able to reach you and merchandise goes into their storage facility, customer is responsible for storage fees determined by the freight company. There is limited time(approximately 7days) items will be held by the freight company before it's determined to be disposed of accordingly. If this should be the case, the order purchased by the customer will NOT be eligible for a refund.

The customer must prepay all freight when returning an order.

If customer does not follow highlighted procedure for receiving deliveries in timely manner from freight carrier, customer will be held responsible for accepting terms of conditions that gets checked when making purchase. Any actions from buying customer that does not comply with our conditions, may result in not receiving a refund if due diligence is not followed per our instructions.

If customer installs ANY items purchased from Door to Door Company or stains/paints doors, and then reports any damage, customer is not eligible for a refund or replacement. Any questionable damage or flaw with product received from Door to Door Co. MUST be reported within 48 hours, and before ANY installation or finishing has been performed by customer or contractor, for consideration of any refund or replacement.

Cancellation Policy

Items will be subject to a 50% surcharge if modified or cancelled 24 Hours after placing the order.

Contact us for further instruction on returns or questions: