Q: If I order in bulk do I receive a discount?

A: Contact us for more information on bulk ordering.

Q: Does Door to Door accept returns?

A: We do accept returns. For more information, view our shipping and returns page.

Q: I need to cancel my order.

A: Please contact info@doortodoorco.com to review your order for cancellation. Cancellations can be subject to a 50% surcharge if the order is modified or cancelled past 24 hours after placing the order.  

Q: I forgot to add door(s) to my order.

A: Once you place a new order for what you need, please reference your original order in the “notes” section when checking out. Once processed, shipping is eligible to be prorated and the orders will be combined into one shipment if able. 

Q: Does Door to Door offer a warranty on its products?

A: A-grade doors are warrantied for 1-year from date of purchase. Doors with blemishes are specially priced, and not warrantied. For more information on our warranty policy, click here.

Q: Does Door to Door install doors?

A: We do not offer door installation. Door to Door is not responsible for the work of third part companies. For installation instructions, click here.

Q: Will Door to Door stain unfinished doors?

A: Currently, Door to Door does not offer pre-finished doors. For finishing and staining instructions, click here.

Q: How do I know which Handing and Swing I need to order?

A: When adding a door to checkout, the jamb kit selection presents a chart for visual reference. The chart is to be based off standing outside of the room. 


Q: Does Door to Door ship everywhere?

A: Yes! We ship everywhere in the continental U.S. View our shipping prices and policies here.

Q: How long is transit?

A: To get a better estimate on your transit time, please contact freight@doortodoorco.com. Once the order leaves our warehouse, the partnered freight line has control over its movement. 

Q: Will my order be delivered inside?

A: At checkout, please select “front door delivery” for the order to be delivered to your front door/garage. This option is not a white glove service. 

Q: Why are shipping costs so expensive?

A: Our doors come on pallets and are crated, weighing at least 125lbs. They are delivered by
LTL/Truck Lines such as Estes or Old Dominion, for example, that come by an 18-Wheeler with a liftgate. 

Q: How are shipping costs configured?

A: The shipping costs you are charged are what the Freight Companies charge us-we just pass that cost onto our customers. Any door order placed through our company, can be picked up directly from our warehouse, located in Alpharetta, GA, to avoid paying for the S & H fees. 


Q: What are your doors made of?

A: Most of our selection is Solid Core Pine Wood doors. Though they may have different styles, we specialize in pine. We have other varieties by custom purchases. 

Q: Are the doors ready to install once delivered?

A: No, but check out our Info Page to learn more about finishing, staining and installation.

Q: What is the "actual unit size" of doors?

A: Our doors are full size. For example, a 2/0 by 6/8 door is 24” x 80”. Beveling of doors is available at reduced width 3/16”. Specifications are available on the product page of each door.

Q: What is the definition of "rough opening" for doors?

A: Rough opening is the size of the opening in the wall where the door unit is placed. The Industry Standard is to add at least 2 inches more than the actual overall door size to determine your RO. Or, if you have your dimensions of your RO, you can subtract 2" overall, to determine the size of door you need. These dimensions can vary from top, middle, and bottom of the inside of your door frame. You will want to make sure your door frame is plumb to go with the suggested Industry Standard. Otherwise, you may need to adjust the RO or size of door needed. We always recommend to verify with a contractor, to make sure you are ordering the correct size.

Q: What are jambs?

A: Our door jambs are the frame on which the slab door is hung. Primed jambs are finger jointed and ready to apply any water-based product. Stain-grade jambs are solid pine by appearance (what is shown inside the door frame once hung) and finger jointed on the backside. Stain-grade jambs must be finished with 100% oil-based product.

Q: What are finger-joint jambs?

A: Finger-joint jambs are unfinished wood jambs, where each jamb piece is made from multiple wood pieces finger-jointed together. These are also called paint grade jambs.

Q: How do you care for an unfinished entry wood door?

A: Unfinished wood door and jamb kits must be finished with 100% oil-based product. If you plan to paint, you will need at least 2 coats of 100% oil-based primer. Once the primer is completely dry, then you can apply the correct exterior paint product. Dark paint or dark stain is not recommended for exterior doors exposed to direct sunlight and voids warranty. If you plan to stain, you must use 100% oil-based for more on caring for your door. Check out our Info Page. 

Q: Does the door come with knobs or hinges?

A: When purchasing a door with a jamb kit, hinges and screws for the hinges are included. As you fill out your jamb kit details, you will have the option to select which Hinge Finish you want. Doorknobs are NOT included with the jamb kit. If you wish to purchase Door Knobs, you can find that under the HARDWARE category. This would be a separate order, as the hardware comes from a different warehouse and is shipped separately from any door order.