5 Interior Door Style Trends That are Popular Right Now

5 Interior Door Style Trends That are Popular Right Now

As symbols of both form and function, doors significantly affect how a house is lived in. If your own doors are reminding you of their inadequacies, it's might be time to rethink your interior doors and the impression they make on all who pass through. I've noticed some trends in the marketplace lately that might inspire you.

1. Shaker

The simple lines of Shaker doors are a popular choice for today's interior doors. I would choose from a palette of whites or go for wood. Wide planks of pine, maple, cherry and oak stain beautifully and make your rooms warm and inviting. Shaker doors show your appreciation of fine craftsmanship and should complement the architectural details of your home's interior.

2. Glass & Frosted Glass

When you need a little privacy without blocking light, a glass door might be in order. The marketplace is brimming with new styles that include etched panels, stained glass effects, translucent tints and frosted glass ranging from completely opaque to nearly transparent. I've noticed that glass doors are often used for offices, kitchens and transitional spaces.

3. Solid Wood

If your home has hollow core doors that feel cheap, invest in solid wood doors and enjoy quieter rooms that are more enjoyable to enter and exit. They can be stained, painted in bold colors or attached to sliders for the popular "barn door" look. Dress them up with decorative hardware, or go modern with smart locks you can control from a phone or home assistant.

4. Knotty Woods

The rustic look of real wood is a pleasing contrast against solid colors of all hues, and that's why architects are increasingly working with the visual interest of knotty woods like pine and cherry when designing new homes. A knotty pine door with arched panels, inset panels, or shaker style can complement a bedroom fireplace, add inspiration to a tiny kitchen, and looks great with dark brass or bronze hardware.

5. Modern Mirrored Doors

Just as mirrored furniture has gained popularity, so have modern-era mirrored doors. They create the illusion of space, bring in light, reflect interesting artwork on the walls, and allow you to practice your workout moves (or just check yourself out)! In my opinion, mirrored doors are too often delegated to bedrooms. Try them in the family room, the office, or in a basement craft room.

If you've got an idea for your new doors, trendy or not, take the plunge and order. If worries about installation are holding you back, ask a home improvement store for references to reputable contractors in your area. It's worth the extra to ensure each door hangs properly.