Why You Should Paint Your Interior Door an Accent Color

Why You Should Paint Your Interior Door an Accent Color

Accent colors act as the thread that ties an entire room together. While most home décor experts recommend utilizing wall art, pillows, curtains or even an entire wall to tie in the accent color of your choice, there’s one overlooked focal point of a room that can provide the perfect canvas: the door.

More often than not, when people paint their interior doors, they opt for neutral colors that allow the door to fade into the background. Instead, we have a radical notion — what if the door was painted to stand out instead of blend in? 

Similar to how you would paint an accent wall in your home, painting an accent door is less of a color commitment, while still providing that much needed “pop” in an otherwise understated room. Still not convinced? Here are our top four reasons why you should paint your interior door an accent color: 

It’s unexpected

Accent walls are practically standard at this point, but embracing an accent door would be an unexpected and intriguing design choice.

It’s easy to do

Painting an entire wall or collecting décor items in the same color can be time consuming and costly. However, just painting a door is a much smaller time commitment and allows you to save money on other décor items. 

It’s flexible

You don’t necessarily have to paint both sides of the door, which means your door can act as an accent color when shut, but not when open. While choosing to only paint one side might be a little unorthodox, it’s never a bad idea to have options, especially if you’re going with a bold color choice. 

It can brighten up an otherwise dull spot

No one pays any attention to the color of your door when it’s painted a neutral color. Yet, the second you paint your interior door an accent color, the entire feel of your room will instantly be changed.


So, next time you’re thinking of the best way to liven up your living room décor, match a paint sample to your new throw pillow and transform your interior door.

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