Doable DIY: Replace Your Door Hardware

Doable DIY: Replace Your Door Hardware

The Do-It-Yourself movement isn’t for everyone. In fact, if you aren’t skilled in home improvements or crafting, tackling a DIY project can feel downright intimidating. But you don’t have to retile a bathroom or rip up carpet to make a difference in the feel of your home — even small changes can feel like big updates.

Take your door hardware, for example. If your home has outdated doorknobs, updating the hardware is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to create a more modern look. If the rooms of your home have old and tarnished doorknobs, it can make the entire space look dated and lackluster. Luckily, this also works in reverse: new modern doorknobs can liven up an entire space.

While the exact process of replacing your door hardware will be specific to your door, it’s a project that virtually anyone can take on. Follow these few simple steps to give your doors a whole new look: 

Pick your new hardware

Think carefully about what will look best with the décor of your home and the style of your doors. While you don’t have to choose the same hardware for every interior door of your home, you do probably want to stick with the same finish. Consider your options: nickel? Bronze? Matte black? What works best with your home and your vision?

Remove your old doorknobs

Most often, this is as simple as removing the screws holding the knob in place, which are typically located on the interior side of the door. There may also be screws on the cover plate of your doorknob, which you’ll need to remove to loosen the knob. Or, some doorknobs have a small slot on the side that you’ll need to insert a paperclip into to fully loosen the knob. Regardless, it should take fairly clear when looking at your doorknob. 

Remove the underlying plate

You should then be able to insert a screwdriver along the seam and easily twist the underlying plate off. 

Remove the old screws and latch

This step may require a power drill, but once you’ve removed all the old screws and the latch, you’ll be ready to install your new doorknob. 

Follow installation steps for your new hardware

If you purchased your doorknobs from Door to Door, check out each listing for an installation sheet. 

And voila! Now all that’s left to do is sit back and admire your work. Shop Hardware