Why You Should Buy Solid Wood Interior Doors and Not Hollow Core

Why You Should Buy Solid Wood Interior Doors and Not Hollow Core

When you're giving your bedroom a makeover or considering making changes to your interior doors, it's important to consider what you need. Hollow core doors may seem like an inexpensive and great way to quickly update the look of outdated rooms. But solid wood doors have a whole host of benefits that outweigh those of hollow core doors. Here's what you need to know.

Premium Quality

Doors made of solid wood are made of quality natural wood. The wood is constructed as one whole unit. Because of its premium quality makeup, solid wood is versatile enough to be used as either an interior door or an exterior door. The sturdy wood adds weight, which makes the door easy to close, thick enough to block sound, and strong enough to hold custom framed mirrors. 

Enhanced Look

Your interior doors play an important role in your interior design. The door can enhance the decor of an entire room or accent the style you're trying to achieve. If you're going for a historical or traditional aesthetic, solid wood interior doors are ideal. Solid wood interior doors may also add resale value to your home, and can easily replace existing hollow core with a pre hung or slab option.

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Long-Lasting Wear

The durability of your door depends on the material used. Unlike solid wood interior doors, hollow core doors do not have a filling, so they're easy to damage. On the other hand, solid wood doors last longer because they resist wear and tear.

Investment Piece

Cost is always a factor when you're deciding on which interior door to buy. However, buying cheaply made interior doors can actually cost you more in the long run since you'll have to eventually replace them. Unfortunately, this is usually the case for most hollow core doors that are cheaply made. These types of doors break down over time. While solid wood doors generally may cost more than hollow core doors, they are worth the investment because they stand the test of time.

Final Thoughts

When you're deciding on what interior door to buy, consider the door's quality, price and durability. Hollow core or cheaply made doors may work for a quick fix or for a temporary situation to help you save money as you make renovations, but they won't last long. If you want your doors to last a long time, opt for the premium quality of solid wood doors.

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