Bifold vs Accordion Doors

Bifold vs Accordion Doors

Bi-Fold Door Basics

If you don't know what bi-fold doors really are, you're not alone. According to a recent 2017 survey by bi-fold manufacturer Origin, just 27 percent of its 925 survey participants knew what a bi-fold door was. Some individuals perceived bi-fold doors as either "folding glass," "accordion" doors or even French doors. But there's a big misconception behind these references. Bi-fold doors function differently from these doors, and it makes a difference when you're looking for the right door to buy. Thus, it's important to know the uses and benefits of a bi-fold door to make sure you're getting a door that fits your needs. Read on to learn the basics about bi-fold doors.

Bi-Fold Doors Defined

A bi-fold door is a door that folds as you slide it open. It has many components, too. Some common parts of a bi-fold door include the pivot plate, aligners, door pull, leading door, jamb-side door and the track hanger. Because these types of doors have so many parts, they're often more difficult to install than your typical closet door. That means you may require a professional installation to get it done right.

Bi-Fold Door Applications 

The great thing about bi-fold doors is that they can be used in several ways. One of the most common ways to use these types of doors is in the kitchen. You can use it as a door for your pantry for easy access to your dry or canned foods. Bi-fold doors are also often used as closet doors. They are designed to fold back. You can also have them fold back on both sides of the wall or just one. So, you can have the bi-fold doors designed to open and close based on your preference and access needs. 

Similarities and Differences with Other Door Styles

Bi-fold doors also share similarities to sliding doors since they are on a track. They also fold open like accordion-style or folding doors. Similar to French doors, bi-fold doors can be used inside the home as closet doors and can be designed to open outwards. However, they have some differences, too. The key difference is how they open. Bi-fold doors fold back as they open. On the other hand, French doors usually swing open and outwards. They are also made of two separate doors.

Final Thoughts

It's also worthwhile knowing how they function differently than other doors. It's not hard to confuse bi-fold doors with other popular styles. That's why it's important to understand how they can fit your design needs. Consider your needs before and understand the value that bi-fold doors bring so you can choose the right doors for your home.