Everything You Need to Know About Knotty Pine Doors

Everything You Need to Know About Knotty Pine Doors


There's nothing like the look of real wood to add warmth, texture and architectural detail to your home. Knotty Pine Doors are a wonderful way to get the look while using a species of wood native to the United States to ground your home in its environment. Real wood doors are an upgrade over hollow core doors and composite materials that have a textured "grain" but must be painted to hide the synthetic material. Real wood, by contrast, allows you to choose a finish that highlights the beauty of the wood and works with your taste in interior design.

What Make Knotty Pine "Knotty"?

"Knotty" pine isn't a particular species of tree. Rather, it's a description of the look of the wood based on the number of knots that are visible. When it comes to wood, a knot is a circle that breaks up the grain of the wood. It's usually textured and may be darker in color. Knots in wood are evidence of branches that once grew out of the tree but dropped off over the course of the tree's lifespan. The tree continued to grow and the grain continued around the knot leaving behind interesting texture and patterns.

Like snowflakes, no two knotty pine boards are the same because you are looking at the individual growth patterns of a unique tree. The more knots you have in your pine, the more curves and waves you'll have in the grain, which makes for a beautiful overall door pattern.

The Beauty of Pine

Pine is one of the hardest softwoods, which makes it easy to work with durable enough to stand up to daily use in your home. Because it's naturally light in color, it blends well with a wide range of color schemes in the home. It also take satin well if you prefer a deeper brown or a translucent color that will still allow the grain to shine through. It's also possible to enjoy unfinished pine doors or to simply protect them with a clear coat. Over time the natural color of the wood will deepen into a golden hue as the wood is exposed to sunlight and oxygen.

Styles of Knotty Pine Doors

Because pine is such a versatile wood, it can be used in many ways. Knotty pine looks wonderful on traditional paneled doors, whether your prefer a classic raised panel or an arched panel design. For a more casual look with some country flair, consider knotty pine doors with a grooved panel that is reminiscent of headboard wainscoting. Knotty pine doors come in many shapes and sizes, including bifold doors for tight spaces.