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Selling Your Home? Try These 5 Quick Updates

Getting your home ready to sell is a stressful, time-consuming process. Rather than focus on all the big, expensive updates you wish you could do, zero in on a few quick, low-stress changes that can make a big difference in your home’s first impression to prospective buyers.

Here are five fast updates you can knock out before your first showing.

Freshen up your paint

Whether it’s touching up a few spots or putting a whole new coat in one of your featured rooms, a little fresh paint can go a long way. New paint can make walls look brighter, cleaner and all around just better.

girl painting wall above door

Upgrade your hardware

From doorknobs to cabinet pulls, outdated hardware could unknowingly be making your home look older and out of style. Luckily, typically all you need is a screwdriver and some spare time to remedy the problem with something more fresh and modern looking.

tightening loose doorknob with screwdriver

Swap out light fixtures

Another aspect of your home that might be unintentionally dating it is your light fixtures. Evaluate whether the ones you have look too big or too small for the room they hang in, then consider how they jive with the décor style of your home. Even trading out one or two fixtures — think prominent ones in the living room or kitchen — can significantly increase your home’s appeal.

Upgrade your doors

If your current doors are scuffed, warped or simply cheap looking, before putting your house on the market is the perfect time to remedy all those problems. Whether exterior or interior, your doors welcome visitors, so make sure it’s a welcome that makes them want to keep crossing thresholds. Boost curb appeal with a new exterior door or tie your rooms together with upgraded interiors.

Enhance your mirrors

Bathroom mirrors that look dingy or unfinished without a frame can be simply upgraded to something more visually appealing, either by replacing the mirror altogether or framing it out with an Add A Frame®. Doing so can provide your home with an almost instant bathroom makeover to catch a prospective buyer’s eye.

Just think of how glad you’ll be that you did these fast updates when your home flies off the market with a full-price offer.

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