white brick house with brown door

Can You Mix Old and New Doors? 3 Tips to Make Modern Styles Work With Vintage

Interior doors do more than separate rooms and offer privacy; they contribute to a home’s overall decor style. Doors can add warmth, character and a welcoming feeling — and they don’t all have to match exactly. 

That’s right, mixing and matching vintage doors with more modern ones is not frowned upon in the design world. In fact, it’s an intentional choice by many home decorators because mixing it up can make a space more interesting and layered. This is welcome news to homeowners who only want to replace a few doors at a time! There should be some method behind the madness, however. If you don’t want your home to end up looking like a hodge-podge of different styles, consider applying one or more of the tips below.  

Tip #1: Stain or Paint Them All the Same Color

One way to add some cohesion among mixed-age doors is to repaint or stain every door — or, at least every door in the same room — the same color. This can be a relatively easy fix that can earn you several more years of use out of your existing doors.

staining wood doors

Tip #2: Change Out Hardware to Match

Another trick of the trade is to simply update all the hardware to match across all of your old and new doors. This impact can be subtle, but can add that sense of unity in your home style. The handles and hardware don’t have to be identical, but the same general style and finish is recommended (e.g. all modern-edge matte bronze, or all traditional brass, etc.).

brown wood door with hardware and key

Tip #3: Embrace the Eclectic!

Instead of having all doors match, head to the total opposite end of the spectrum. Using radically different doors in a space can punch up a room and add a dose of personality. If you choose this direction, be sure to carry the idea through in all of your decor. The key to effectively using both old and new decor is to put intention behind every piece, not just using whatever you happen to have and letting the chips fall where they may. Try to strike a balance between vintage furniture and modern touches and you’ll end up with a space that is beautiful and personalized.

Not ready to invest in a total door re-do? No need! By incorporating one or more of these tips, you can successfully mix and match vintage and new doors. Start by perusing our collections and selecting a style that pairs well with your existing doors.