How to Prep for Hurricane Season

How to Prep for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season can be a nerve-wracking time for homeowners, especially if you live near the coast. Luckily, thanks to advanced warning from forecasters, you can take steps to prepare your home and minimize damage.

palm trees during storm


Here’s how you can keep your home — and family! — as safe as possible this hurricane season:

  • Pay attention. Make sure you’re following the forecast and listening to recommendations, so you’ll have as much notice as possible if a hurricane is predicted to hit.
  • Get your outdoor property ready. You may have furniture or plants that need to be brought into the garage or otherwise stabilized.
  • Stock your storm kit. Gather a good supply of first-aid supplies, batteries, canned foods, bottled water, flashlights and anything else you might need if you lose power for a considerable amount of time.
  • Check your foundation for cracks. This can help you avoid a potential flooding disaster.
  • Secure your windows. Depending on where you live and your risk factors, this may mean boarding up your windows temporarily, or you may just need to take additional security measures.
  • Check your doors. Your doors will need a tight seal to stay strong against high winds, so consider replacing for a better fit if your current doors have warped over time.
  • Clean your gutters. Having leaves and other debris already built up in your gutters increases the chances of water backflowing into your house, so start with a clean slate.
  • Buy surge protectors. They can help protect your electronics in the event of a power surge.

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However you choose to prepare for hurricane season, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to assess the stability of your house and make your plans for in the event of an emergency. Develop a preparedness strategy and evacuation plan with your family early so you’ll be prepared no matter what happens.

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