How Long Should Your Front Door Last?

How Long Should Your Front Door Last?

If you’ve never needed to replace your front door before, you might be wondering: just how long should it last, anyway?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is far from straightforward — and it depends on a lot of contributing factors. For instance: 

  • What materials are your door made of?
  • Is your door protected by an overhang or covered porch?
  • Has your door been well maintained?

You may not even know the answers to some of these questions, especially if you aren’t your door’s original owner. And while most wood doors should last between 20 and 60 years — and most fiberglass doors should last even longer — age isn’t always the best indicator that it’s time to replace your door.

If you’re unsure how old your door is, here are some other telltale signs you can look for that will let you know it’s time to replace it:

  • The wood of your door has started to show signs of rot, likely beginning along the door jamb.
  • The wood of your door has started to get soft in areas.
  • You start to notice drafts or light coming in around the seams of your door.
  • The shape of the door has warped and no longer closes easily or firmly.

If any of the above are true for your doors, it might be time to consider replacements. When it comes to the entry points of your home, you need doors that are safe, secure and can stand up to the elements.

Of course, we’re forgetting one very important reason that it may be time to replace your doors…you want a new look! Regardless of how long your front door is supposed to last, you should always feel comfortable trading in and trading up when you want to.

Whatever your reasoning, we can help you find the best door for your home. 

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