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How Many Locks Does Your Front Door Actually Need?

You already know that a front door serves as a stylish accent on any home, but it also has a more important function: Security.

When it comes to your safety, the last thing you want to do is cut corners. In today’s marketplace, you’ve likely seen simple deadbolts, multipoint knobsets, electronic keypads, and even locks you open from your phone — and based on sheer volume of options, it can be hard to know how many front door locks you actually need. Today, we’re answering everything you need to know about front door locks. 

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How many locks does a front door actually need?

The answer: One sturdy lock is enough to secure a front door. If installed correctly, a high-quality lock is all you really need. You always have the option of adding a second lock as an extra layer of protection — but there are potentially more productive measures to take. (We’ll get to those in just a bit.)

The lock is not the only factor.

There is a bit more to security than having one or two locks. When it comes to your front door and lock, quality counts more than just the number of locks you have. Important considerations include: 

High Quality Lock

This is pretty self-explanatory, but it is important to choose a well-made lock from a trustworthy manufacturer versus finding something cheap and flimsy online and simply hoping for the best.

Installed Correctly 

Again, this is self explanatory, but a door and a lock can’t work as intended if they are not installed correctly. 

Strong Door

Take this scenario for example: Say you have decided to upgrade your front door locks. You invest in a good lock and install it properly. However, your door dates back to the 1960s and has several weak points in it, making it easy for a criminal to kick in. It would be a much better investment (and safer option) to replace your door entirely instead of simply wasting time replacing the hardware. 

A newer, stronger door is more likely to withstand kick-ins and will therefore offer more protection from break-ins. All of your entry doors should be replaced with a solid wood core, composite, metal, or solid wood door.

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Common Sense

Following a few safety practices can make just as big of a difference in your home security as finding the right lock. 

  • Actually lock your door — it’s useless otherwise!
  • Keep outdoor lights on at night.
  • Change your locks if someone moves out, if a contractor loses a key, or if you misplaced a key.
  • Install a security camera if desired.

What’s the best lock for a front door?

You have many different options for your front door, and each with its own benefits:


A simple deadbolt is an effective lock, and is often regarded as well suited to front doors. Again, if you are following all of the safety tips listed above, including buying a solid door, a traditional deadbolt knobset or leverset may be the perfect choice for your home.

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Instead of one deadbolt, a multipoint locking system has three — and most commonly located at the top, middle and bottom of the door. In most modern multipoint locks, only one mechanism is used for all three locks (so your one key entry point turns all three locks). This option can add  additional security thanks to the added locking points. 

On many of these locking systems, the door locks automatically when you shut it — and that may be a pro or a con, depending on how your family functions. You may like the convenience of the door securing itself behind you, or you may find it to be a nuisance.

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Yes, you can use electronic keypads on the front door! Electronic keypads don't have cylinder mechanisms, so they essentially cannot be picked or bumped like conventional locks. And, you can easily reset the pin/entry code as needed. 

Here at Door to Door, there’s a lot to love about our Keypad options:

  • Fits standard door prep
  • Easy installation, no wiring needed
  • Easy programing, 4-6 digit user code, up to 100 user codes
  • Optional auto-relock time
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Backup key cylinder override

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