4 Don’t-Skip Details to Remember During Your Kitchen Renovation

4 Don’t-Skip Details to Remember During Your Kitchen Renovation

Renovations can be overwhelming, and this is especially true when it comes to a room that’s used multiple times a day, every single day — like your kitchen. More and more, kitchens are being built to be a spacious, whole-family gathering and hangout space versus the more utilitarian approach from previous decades. So if you’re reworking your kitchen to fit that ideal, where should you begin?

From backsplash tile to faucet finish, it can be hard to know what to focus on. Our advice? Focus on the big stuff first. As you begin your renovation process, don’t skip these four key improvements.

More Natural Light 

Dirty dishes, school bags, a pile of leftovers waiting to be put away — face it, kitchen messes are inevitable. One of the best ways to make a kitchen feel less cramped is to allow in as much natural light as possible. This will (literally) brighten up a space and help it feel more airy and less overwhelmed.

Updated Fixtures 

Due to sheer volume, kitchen fixtures may not seem as impactful as, say, countertops. Hardware like handle pulls may seem like a minor detail, but they’re all over the kitchen! Not only can the hardware make or break the look, but these are things that you will touch and use every single day — it’s worth trying to get it right.  

Somewhere to Sit 

From homework sessions to holiday entertaining, families tend to congregate in the kitchen. People gather where the food is — that’s just the honest truth. Incorporating a design that allows for spacious barstool seating or an eat-in breakfast nook is a smart move and will be utilized daily.

New Doors

Upgrading the doors in your kitchen is a sure way to add style to your kitchen. For example, pantry doors, dining room entryways and the back door leading to the garage are all spaces to be assessed as you renovate. Maybe you get creative with a sliding barn door separating the dining room from the kitchen; perhaps a new bifold door is just what’s needed to tastefully hide the bulk grocery buys. 

Beyond adding a touch of personality through paint color or doorknobs, you might even change up the functionality of a door so that it’s more practical for everyday use. (For example, adding a door that wasn’t there before, or changing the hinges so that it opens in the opposite direction.)

We have a wide array of door options for all of your kitchen renovation aspirations. Before you tackle your home improvements, be sure to browse through our range of door styles and materials. A beautiful, functional, updated kitchen is just a few clicks away!

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