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4 Benefits of Barn Doors

4 Benefits of Barn Doors

Utilizing sliding barn doors inside the home is an especially trendy choice these days, but that’s not the only benefit of these statement doors. If you’re considering adding a barn door to your home, here are four benefits you can put in the “pro” column:

  1. Barn doors are aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps it’s because they have a unique and different appeal than a traditional door, but barn doors add instant charm to a room. With both rustic and modern styles, you can completely change the feel of a room.
  2. Barn doors are space savers. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, barn doors are also extremely practical. Since they don’t swing open like a traditional door on hinges, you don’t need to account for opening and closing space. This makes barn doors a particularly effective choice for small bedrooms.
  3. Barn doors are convenient. You’ll never be happier to have a barn door than when you have to move furniture in and out of a room. The added space they allow for maneuvering, coupled with eliminating the need to hold a door open, makes them a very functional choice.
  4. Barn doors are easy to open and close. Without knobs to turn and with an easy sliding track, barn doors are actually extremely ADA compliant. This make them a great option for older adults choosing to age in place or someone looking to make their home more accessible to people with disabilities.

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