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The Weather is Getting Colder — Are Your Doors Sealed?

With colder weather just around the corner, we have one very important question for you: Are your doors sealed? 

Maybe you’ve been meaning to get around to it. Maybe you’ve never considered doing it. Maybe you haven’t lived in your home very long and you aren’t even sure. Either way, we’re here to make our case. 

So, why should you consider sealing your doors this winter? Sealing your doors secures the vulnerable openings of your home against drafts. A drafty doorway not only throws off temperature regulation within your home, but it can also cause an unnecessary spike in your energy bills. 

red front door on brick home with snow

Think of it this way: If heat is escaping your home through the cracks in your doorway, your heating system will have to work extra hard to maintain the warm temperature in your home. This means you’ll be essentially paying to heat the outdoors … which is basically throwing money down the drain.  

Luckily, sealing your doors isn’t as challenging as it sounds. In fact, there are several simple DIY hacks you can do to secure the cracks around your doors. Follow these steps:  

  1. Make sure your door fits your doorframe as tightly as possible. If your door has warped or weathered over time, you may need to consider replacing your doors before attempting sealing measures. 
  2. Use pieces of weather stripping to seal any gaps along the side of the door. 
  3. Attach a door sweep to the bottom of your door to block drafts from coming underneath. 

dog in front of door with snow

With these small tweaks, your home will stay more comfortable this winter and your heating bills will stay more manageable. Plus, the same logic works in the summertime, so be prepared to see lower cooling bills as well! 

First thing’s first: Let’s make sure your doors fit properly. 

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