side of house with gutters

Let’s Talk About Gutters

At best, gutters are unappreciated. At worst, they’re mocked. Think about it — when you describe something as going, “down the gutter”...well... it’s never a good thing. 

However, we’re here to set the record straight: gutters are awesome and deserve to be celebrated. Sure, they may all but blend into your siding, but the benefits gutters provide to your home are worthy of acclaim. 

gutters on house with blue sky

For starters, gutters take on the crucial role of diverting water away from your home. Here are a few reasons why that’s so beneficial — and why you’ll never regret taking time to maintain your gutters.  

  • Gutters reduce the chance of basement flooding.
  • Gutters protect your siding from water stains, mold and mildew. 
  • Gutters protect your landscaping and prevent erosion.
  • Gutters protect your foundation from water seepage.
  • Gutters help preserve the health of your exterior doors and garage doors. 

That’s why, even though your gutters are meant to be used and not seen, it’s still important to ensure they’re properly maintained so they can do their job. At minimum, make sure you clean out your gutters twice per year — more frequently if you live in a heavily wooded area. 

If it’s been awhile since your last gutter cleaning, now’s the perfect time to start with a clean slate before autumn leaves start falling with a vengeance. And don’t worry — if gutter maintenance isn’t your thing, you can always outsource this very important home upkeep task. 

man cleaning out gutters

Above all, don’t wait until there’s a problem with your gutters to make sure they are properly maintained. By that point, you may be dealing with water damage that is much more costly to fix. 

The exterior of your home deserves to shine. While maintaining your gutters is up to you, we know a thing or two about quality exterior doors — and we’re happy to share our wisdom. 

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