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Need to Update All Doors?

As a homeowner, you face constant decisions about which improvement project takes the highest priority. Perhaps you’re moving into a new place and aren’t sure where to start. On the flip side, maybe you’re in an older home and looking to make a few changes before you list your home for sale. Whatever your reason, there are a few different approaches you can take when it comes to replacing your doors.

How to Prioritize Door Upgrades

If you’re going for resale value, it’s worth putting some thought into which doors get upgraded first. 

Front Door

No matter what anyone says, first impressions matter. Your front door is part of your home’s face — and you have to decide whether that face comes across as warm and welcoming or says ‘stay back.’ A new front door sets the tone for guests in your space, not to mention potential buyers. 

front door


Time and time again, kitchens top lists of “best investments” when it comes to getting back what you put in. For your door upgrades, that means considering the pantry, the garage access door (if applicable), and the dining room doorway, if you have one. 

kitchen door


Bathrooms are another area that are considered sure-fire investments as far as renovations go. People spend a good deal of daily life in the kitchens and bathrooms, so it all adds up. 

bathroom door

The Room By Room Approach

Tackling a room-by-room renovation is a common approach when a homeowner lives in an older house. Taking on an open-ended renovation can feel daunting on both the brain and the budget, so paring it back to one room at a time is one way to upgrade in bite-sized pieces. 

For example, a project-based approach might include redoing your owner’s suite. During that renovation, you’d upgrade your closet doors, bathroom door, and bedroom door. A few months (or years!) later when you’re ready for the next project, you’d give all the secondary bathrooms in the home (and their doors) a refresh. If you’ve lived in your home for a while and aren’t sure where to start with your updates, this approach may be right for you.

bedroom doors

Grouping by Category

For some homeowners, the most logical approach would be to upgrade doors by category. This allows the home project budget to get boosted in between tasks and makes a complete door makeover more palatable. 

For example, in the first round, upgrade all exterior doors. The following year, update all bedroom doors. Next, tackle all bifold doors like closets, laundry rooms, and pantries. The list goes on, but the idea is that you methodically upgrade by category until all of your doors are done. 

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Upgrading All At Once

There is something to be said for momentum. If you’ve ever lived through a renovation, you’ll understand how good it feels to be done. Upgrading ALL exterior doors or ALL interior doors in one fell swoop means checking one giant task off your to-do list — and that can be wildly satisfying. Style continuity and not having to deal with decision fatigue are two very real benefits of knocking it all out at once. For all of its perks, the downside of this approach is that it is a more significant upfront investment.

Ultimately, your approach to updating your doors is a personal choice — there’s no true right or wrong. Your decision will depend on whether you’re selling or moving in, what rooms you spend the most time in, and what your budget will allow. 

There’s no rule that says you can’t start picking out your perfect doors for when the time is right! Browse our selection of exterior and interior doors now to find the right fit.