black front exterior door

Front Door Color Ideas: 6 Favorite Colors (And What They Say About You)

You know what they say about first impressions: You only get one! Your home’s front door plays a big part in its first impression and overall curb appeal — and so it’s important to choose a color that accurately reflects you and your style. From time-tested classics to more modern hues, the options for front door color are seemingly endless. Ahead, we’re diving into a few favorites.


A popular choice for historic homes, a red door emanates confidence. Depending on the shade, a red front door works with just about any home material, including stucco, brick, or painted wood. We love the stately, bold appearance of a red front door. According to some cultures, it may even bring luck and prosperity!

red exterior front door


Effortlessly elegant and never out of style, a black front door is always a reasonable choice. Whether you have a bright red brick home, a vibrant paint color or a muted gray, black brings a level of simple sophistication to a facade. Black doors give off strength and class — a solid choice if you want to give your home an urban look.


Prestigious yet modern, a navy front door gives an updated twist to a classic look. Is navy the new black? Maybe. Brass hardware pops against the blue for a timeless look, but a matte silver gives a more contemporary vibe — it’s versatile enough to suit just about any style.

navy exterior front door


A happy coral or fun, flamingo pink door does not only have a place on tropical islands. Choosing a vibrant color like coral evokes personality and youthfulness. It’s a popular choice in trendy areas, but can bring an element of whimsy and confidence to any home. Other coastal colors like bright blue or teal can bring that same maritime charm to a home.


Though it may seem simple, a white front door can brighten up a home’s facade. Elegant and versatile, white doors reflect light for a cheerful look that says, “Come on in!” Although they may need to be cleaned more frequently than a darker door, white is an excellent contrast for brightly colored or dark-hued homes.

white exterior front door

Dark Green

If you’re going for a look that is warm, welcoming and versatile, green may be your go-to paint color. While most shades of dark green qualify as a neutral color, a hunter or forest green work beautifully with tan brick or stucco for a classy feel. Use less muted tones for a more playful, trendy look.

When choosing a color for your front door, it’s also important to consider the style of your home and/or the era during which it was built. For example, Mediterranean-influenced homes do not need bright red doors. Likewise, pre-Revolutionary homes may look silly with a color too far outside the historically accurate palette of the day. It’s about enhancing your home, not forcing a style to fit.

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