5 Things to Consider When Choosing Interior Doors

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Interior Doors

Selecting an interior door for your home can feel like a high-stakes decision. After all, it’s an investment that you’ll likely have to live with for several years. Besides looking good and suiting your personal tastes, there are a number of important factors to consider when choosing your doors. Ask yourself these five questions before you buy:

What's Your Home Style?

Interior doors have a surprisingly big impact on the overall look of a space. Before you begin, you should pinpoint your home’s general interior architecture style. From contemporary and sleek to cottage-cute and full of character, interior doors can run the full spectrum. It’s best to narrow down your starting “pile” of options to avoid total overwhelm at the available options. 

Will Your Doors Be Painted?

Once you have honed in on a general style, think through if you’d prefer a door primed and ready for painting, or if a natural finish or wood veneer is more your style. Most likely, you’ll want to choose the option that blends in with what the other doors in that vicinity of the home look like—but if you’re upgrading them all, then feel free to start with a new idea!

painted interior doors

Which Direction Will They Swing?

There’s no rule that spells out which way the doors should swing in your home—that’s ultimately up to the homeowners. Generally speaking, the doors swing inward into a room in most homes. This decision becomes important when you’re selecting a new door, as it may affect which options will or won’t work in your space based on where the hardware and hinges will be placed.

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Does the Room Require Privacy?

Light filtering and French doors can allow a flood of natural light to enter a space and really brighten it up. This can be appealing for a home office or dining room—but not so much a messy laundry room or guest bathroom. Consider whether or not extra light would be beneficial to the space, or if a door offering privacy would be more appropriate for the room.

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What's the Budget?

Cost is definitely something to carefully consider before you begin your project. The price point of a door can vary widely, depending on the material used. And, make sure you include the cost of installation and labor if you are not putting the doors in yourself. It’s easy for home improvement project budgets to spiral, so it’s best to pick a price range you can live with and then stick to it.

Luckily, you don’t have to choose between inexpensive and high-quality doors. Our interior doors suit any number of home styles and tastes, and are built with durable materials that will be enjoyed for years to come.