Do Laundry Rooms Need Louvered Doors?

Do Laundry Rooms Need Louvered Doors?

Like it or not, the laundry room is one place you’ll spend a good bit of time if you do your own wash. Despite their frequent use, laundry rooms rarely get the attention they deserve. When it comes to optimizing your laundry space, proper ventilation is an important piece of the puzzle. Ahead, we’re sharing all the details on the pros and cons of laundry room doors, why ventilation is important, and safety considerations to keep in mind.

Benefits of Laundry Room Doors

  • Cut the Noise: One reason many people want a door on the laundry room is to decrease the sound of the noisy machines. Especially with older machines, the motors and sloshing clothes can be annoying. And if it's near a living room, bedroom, or nursery, it may limit the time of day that you can wash clothes.
  • Cover Up the Mess: Single socks, cleaning supplies, piles of dirty clothes—the laundry room is home to a range of miscellaneous items, and most of them don't get an award for aesthetics. One benefit of having a door for your laundry room is that it helps contain the chaos and mess on a daily basis.

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What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Door:

Function should come first in the laundry room. If you do put doors on yours, most homes need a louvered or vented door. Your appliances create heat and humidity while in use, and it needs a place to escape from the small room. Poor air circulation can cause mold, dampness, and musky odors, and excessive humidity can decrease the lifespan of your paint, flooring and drywall.

While some home designs include another form of ventilation for the room, “closet-style” laundry rooms should allow heat to escape through a vented door. If you don’t go with a vented door, keep the laundry room door wide open while you run the machines.

Other Safety Considerations for Laundry Rooms

In addition to preventing mold growth and improving air quality, a well-ventilated laundry room can reduce the chance of gas build-up from a dryer, which is a common fire hazard. Around 15,000 home fires are caused each year by laundry-related issues, and choosing the right door can minimize the risks associated with appliances.

What Exactly Is a Louvered Door?

Want to cover up the clutter but keep your home safe from potential hazards? Get the best of both worlds with a louvered door. The horizontal slats of louvered doors allow air to flow freely while still providing a level of privacy. 

Our Louvered Bifold Door is a bestseller for closets and laundry rooms because it allows humidity to escape while affording decent coverage. And, they slide into a tidy fold when opened, which is perfect for those spaces that are a bit short on elbow room.

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In Conclusion...

Ultimately, louvered doors are a practical, stylish solution for a laundry room. Don't overlook the significance of proper ventilation—your laundry room (and home safety!) will benefit from this simple yet impactful upgrade. Choose from a range of sizes and styles to find your perfect fit.