4 Easy Ways to Make Your Spec House Feel Custom Built

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Spec House Feel Custom Built

It’s no secret that a spec home can feel a little… vanilla. Builders tend to choose “safe” options versus stylish ones, and the focus tends to be on using lower quality materials to keep costs down as much as possible. As a new homeowner, that can leave you to live with builder-grade fixtures, boring hardware, and doors that just don’t do their jobs.

Ahead, we’re covering four simple upgrades that can help transform your space into something that feels custom built.

Replace Unsightly Light Fixtures

Flush mount light fixtures seem to attract builders like moths to a flame. Most people (at least, those on the internet), vocally disapprove of this style and tend to mock it. The good news? This can be a relatively inexpensive swap thanks to the range of affordable fixtures available now. Whether you go with something traditional, industrial, or contemporary, it’s a fast fix for making a space feel completely your own.

updated light fixture

Upgrade Window Treatments

The go-to for builders is often a thin, cheap set of blinds. Not only are they outdated and just plain ugly from the inside, but they can also be seen from the exterior—and that means replacing them can increase curb appeal in an instant. Shades, blinds, and drapery can be an expensive investment, but it’s one that has a big impact on the feel of a space.

window blinds

Add Dimension to Plain Walls

Plain walls can make a room feel like a big, empty drywall box. Inject some of your personal style by adding some architectural interest to the walls. Any variety of wainscoting can add the texture and depth that makes a space feel well designed. Traditional wainscoting, narrow paneling, or simply a chair rail can divide a blank wall and bring a sense of structure. Go bold and use a fun wallpaper on the top, with a complementary color of paint on the bottom half.


Update Your Doors

Builders sometimes use lower-quality materials in the hopes that they’ll turn a bigger profit. For doors, that might mean using flimsier engineered wood, or not being particular about the fit. One study found that in addition to boosting curb appeal, replacing your front door can have a return on investment of nearly 500%. 

updating your front door

Updating doors can add value to the selling price of your home, but it’s a savvy investment even if you plan on staying for years to come. Why? A properly fitted door is more energy efficient, as sealed rooms retain heat and air better and can lower your monthly energy bill.

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