2020 Door Trends to Shake Up Your Style

2020 Door Trends to Shake Up Your Style

Looking for a subtle, low-maintenance way to shake up your home’s style? Look no further than the biggest door trends of 2020. Changing up your door is the perfect DIY upgrade that can be accomplished in an afternoon, but still make a significant difference in the look and feel of your home. Whether you’re interested in interior or exterior, these are door trends you’re going to want to try out.

Here are our top three favorite 2020 door trends to look out for:

Bright, bold colors

Particularly for front doors, choosing a bright and bold color is a great way to put a signature look on the façade of your home. Gone are the days of doors blending in with a home’s exterior — in 2020, it’s all about standing out. Consider emerald green, deep purple, teal or even yellow as a welcoming entrance to your house. Or, rather than painting an accent wall in a room, consider simply painting the door for a burst of color. 

Metallic and matte black hardware

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full door upgrade, consider just upgrading the hardware to a more modern look. Shiny metallics, like gold and copper, and matte black finishes are very in right now and can make your door instantly feel more polished. 

Multi-slide patio doors

The modern, functional appearance of a multi-slide patio door can help brighten your home and give it a more open feel. Natural light is a big style winner right now — with window walls suddenly all the rage — so don’t be afraid to capitalize on this trend with your doors as well.

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