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Plantation Louver/Louver Door

Product Description

 Louver Pine Door with Plantation Slats adds a casual and stylish look to your decor. Made of solid pine, this design combines the richness of natural material with the durability of craftsmanship construction. 

Stiles and rails are made of solid wood and can be trimmed down; however, the tolerance is minimal as too much trimming may affect the integrity of the door. Please contact customer service to confirm cuts or receive a quote for special dimensions. Standard louvers are 1-1/4" wide. Plantation louvers are 2-1/2"wide.

    These doors are made from veneered engineered solid core pine wood. The inner core is made of hardwood in a cross grain pattern bonded together under heat, pressure and glue. The result is a stronger product that limits cracking and splitting of the wood material. Unfinished pine doors require oil-based finishing. For more information, see our Finishing page. 

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    Please Note:

    • Door slabs are true size.
    • Door designs are featured on both sides unless otherwise specified.
    • Doors 24" wide and larger can be safely trimmed up to 1-1/2" per side and top rail, then up to 4-1/2" from bottom rail without affecting the integrity of the door. For smaller sizes, please contact to verify cutting threshold.
    • All Clear/Unfinished doors MUST be finished in an oil-based product only.
    • Door slab Processing lead time is 7-10 Business Days.
    • Door is sold as slab only. Jamb Kits are sold separately as add-on in the order form below. Door with Jamb Kits Processing lead time is 15-20 Business Days.
    • Jamb kit material is 3/4" thick for each piece - 2 sides plus header.
    • Jamb kit header width is determined by the width of the door.
    • Jamb kit length for a 6'8 is 82" long, and for an 8'0 is 98" long.
    • Expedited Processing lead time is available for an extra fee. Please contact office to apply expedited processing time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Looking for a special size? We offer custom ordering options on all our doors. Contact to inquire. Please note that discounts are not available on custom orders.

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    $ 163.00
    Plantation Louver/Louver Door Standard Shipping Estimates
    Quantity Standard Price Price West of Rockies*
    1 $169 $237
    2 $190 $266
    3 $245 $343
    4 $280 $392
    5-10 $249 $349
    11-15 $279 $391
    16-19 $330 $462
    20-31 $370 $518
    32+ Free $518
    * AZ, CA, CO, ID, MO, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY. Please visit our Shipping page to learn more


    • Doors that come in Clear/Stain-Grade MUST be finished in a timely manner (we highly recommend within 2-3 weeks), with an OIL-BASED product only. If left unfinished, any humidity, heat, or other naturally occurring environmental elements could affect the integrity of the door.
    • Doors that come primed still need some prep work before painting. We recommend filling in any slight dings or scratches that may occur during shipping with wood putty (this is common). Next, you will lightly sand with fine grit sandpaper and remove dust with a soft, dry cloth. Now you are ready to apply any water based product.
    • We recommend to start taking pictures immediately of how your order is received when the truck driver opens the truck's rear door.
    • If crate is in good condition, you can sign the paperwork and release the driver.
    • If crate looks damaged or questionable, hold driver without signing paperwork. Please inspect items to see if there is damage that may have occurred during shipping. TAKE PLENTY OF PICTURES up close and full image of door(s) to help document and resolve issues quickly.
    • If there is damage, you MUST notify us within 8 hours with pictures to show damage. We will start any claims with the freight company and get your replacement sent out as quickly as possible.
    • Please read full disclosure for our Shipping/Receiving stated at the bottom of our web page.
    • We are given a short time frame from the freight companies to report any damage. If you wait longer than the 8 hour time frame, we may not be able to replace damaged items without charging the full amount again.
    • The processing lead time for our bifolds and slab doors is 7-10 Business days, with 1-5 additional Business days for delivery.
    • The processing lead time for our door with jamb kits is 15-20 Business days, with 1-5 additional Business days for delivery.
    • We offer expedited PROCESSING for an additional fee. Please contact us for a quote.
    • Yes, but there is a 25% restocking fee for any items ordered up to 80" tall. There is a 30% restocking fee for any items ordered in the 96" height. Any custom orders, including jamb kits, Hardware, and Exterior Fiberglass doors are non-returnable.
    • The customer is responsible for S & H fees to return item(s), must take pictures of how item(s) are packed to be shipped back. Once item(s) are received, the customer will get a refund ONLY if the item(s) are in perfect condition.
    • You can purchase knobs separately:
    • Hinges are included in any jamb kit purchase.
    • If wanting to purchase additional hinges, please contact us.
    • Doors are shown priced as slabs only with no bore or mortise. If you wish to purchase a jamb kit (act as prehung-just ship flat with easy assembly), you can do so for an additional cost. Jamb kits come with the two sides/header, bore for door knob, mortise for hinge placement in the jamb material and door, and the (3) hinges per door.
    • Yes, but please consider the following scenarios:
    • Standard door heights are 80" tall and fit inside standard door frames.
    • Standard barn door heights are 84" tall since they are hung outside and above the door frame.

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