What’s the Difference? A Close Look at 5 Types of Interior Doors

What’s the Difference? A Close Look at 5 Types of Interior Doors

When choosing doors for the interior rooms of your home, you might be surprised by how many options you suddenly have. After all, a door’s a door, right? Wrong! Whether differing in style or function, not all interior doors are created equal.

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Since it can help your search to know some of the different options and what sets them apart, we’re taking the time today to detail five unique types of interior doors:

Raised Panel

Many think of raised panel doors as the most “traditional” design of interior doors. While the construction of the frame and panel was originally designed to aid in moisture damage, these doors now offer a timeless choice. Typically found in either six or four panel interior doors, this classic option can have a single or double hip (the concave detail at the raised portion of the panel) for extra style.


The glass panes of French doors (also know as “lites”) easily add elegance to any room by creating more of an open concept and increasing natural light. From a single lite to a 15 lite, interior French doors are the perfect way to add sophistication and brightness between adjoining rooms of your home.

Arch Top

It doesn’t take much to add intrigue, but the subtle curve of an arch top interior door does exactly that. The softer lines create just the right amount of interest without going over the top.

Shaker Style

Known for simplicity and high-quality craftsmanship, Shaker style doors are popular for good reason. These doors are ideal for anyone who appreciates minimalist design and wants to join in the tradition of well-made Shaker furniture.

Barn Doors

Far from traditional, interior barn doors are trendy and functional, while often becoming the focal piece of a room. A popular choice for closet doors or pantries, barn doors hang from a track and slide into place. If you’re looking for a unique option with a rustic, cottage-like feel, a sliding barn door might be your perfect fit.

Each type of interior door offers different visual appeal and style. Think about the purpose and feel of your home and consider how each option would enhance your particular space. However, once you narrow it down to a style, the decision making process isn’t over just yet: next it’s time to pick a species. Stay tuned for our next blog post comparing wood choices.

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