Pocket Doors vs. Barn Doors: Pros and Cons of Each

Pocket Doors vs. Barn Doors: Pros and Cons of Each

When it comes to sliding doors, choosing the right one can feel like a huge, overwhelming decision. Both pocket doors and barn doors are designed to be space-savers, and both are ideal for rooms like closets or dining rooms because they don’t swing out when opened. But which one is right for you? Consider these four things when making your choice:

Ease of Installation 

Of the two options, pocket doors are generally more difficult to install simply because they require a wall to be thick enough for things to be done properly. With a pocket door, you’re cutting into the actual wall to make room for the door. Conversely, a barn door pops on the outside of your wall and is comparatively easy to install. Your specific wall may answer this piece of the puzzle for you. 

pocket door

Your Specific Space

Pocket doors do not take up any space or block furniture when they are open — and the same can’t be said about barn doors. Although they are almost flush with the wall, barn doors don’t disappear in the same way that pocket doors do. If you want a sitting chair and lamp tucked back in the corner, for example, a barn door may require you scoot them out further away from the wall so that they don’t get hit. In fact, you probably won’t want anything at all to block the door so that you can easily reach over to open and close it without hitting anything. Keep in mind your light switches, outlets and pictures that might conflict with a barn door when you assess your space. 

Consider Cost

When it comes to the actual doors, pocket doors and barn doors are in the same neighborhood price-wise. However, the installation process is where costs start to diverge. As previously mentioned, barn doors are relatively easy to install, and therefore the total costs stay low. A more involved, professionally installed pocket door that requires cutting into the wall can start to escalate the budget quickly. Your price will vary based on how much construction is required, but price is a factor to consider when choosing between the two.

barn door

Personal Style 

This is the component that no pro/con list on the internet can sort out for you! You have to decide what style suits you best. Designers often love a pocket door because of its clean lines and tidy, hidden feel, but a barn door can be a real knockout feature in a room. The decision ultimately comes down to your personal preference and what will work in your space.

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