Louvers 101: The Benefits of a Classic Style

Louvers 101: The Benefits of a Classic Style

Often, we choose door styles based on aesthetic preference. However, when it comes to louvered doors, there’s also a practical benefit to consider.

Louver doors use slats to promote ventilation or air flow. While the slats are close enough together to still provide privacy, they allow for air to circulate between the spaces divided by the door. This makes louvered doors the ideal choice to close off small spaces that won’t see a lot of traffic and could otherwise get musty.

Unsure if louvers are the right choice for your space? Here are a few times when a little extra airflow is a great option:   

  • Utility closets
  • Laundry rooms
  • Bedroom closets with bifold doors
  • Kitchen pantry
  • Basements

Aside from this very practical benefit, louvers are also visually appealing. This classic, timeless style gives your door dimension and texture. However, if you don’t want a full louvered door, you can always opt for a combination style. For instance, the top panel of your door can be louvered, and the bottom can be raised panel.

Whether you choose two louver panels or a combination of louver and another style panel, you’ll be glad to have the option of increased air flow that this traditional and functional door provides.

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