5 Ways to Add Character to a New Build

5 Ways to Add Character to a New Build

Whether you have an older home or brand-new build, each comes with its own list of pros and cons. Perks of a new build include greater energy efficiency, fewer upfront repairs, and the latest refrigerator and dishwasher models. However, new houses can lack the character of an older home. If you’re looking to add in a bit of charm and personality to a more modern build, keep reading!

1. Decorate with Vintage Pieces

Infuse character into your home by sprinkling in unique vintage finds. Contrast flat, plain walls with intricately carved tables or cabinets; add interest to a hallway by creating a gallery wall of curated artwork and old frames; give space a more storied appearance by layering in vintage china or a gilded mirror. Shopping secondhand is a savvy way to find high-quality pieces at a low price.

2. Consider the Fifth Wall

As you decorate your space, don’t forget to look up! The ceiling is often underutilized in new builds, but can serve as a “fifth wall” for design and visual interest. Perhaps you add a few exposed beams, bring in a splash of color with tile or wallpaper, or add millwork, like shiplap or beadboard. 

exposed beams

3. Upgrade Your Doors

Elevate your builder-grade doors with something customized to your taste. From specialty sidelites and French doors to modern, minimalist designs, we carry a wide range of interior doors suited to any home style. Whether you choose to upgrade one door for a style statement or refresh an entire floor of the house, we have what you need. 

new doors

4. Swap Out Hardware

From kitchen cabinet pulls to bathroom faucets, updating your hardware can make your home look less run-of-the-mill. It's a relatively easy task, even for the amateur DIYer, and there are options for every budget.

Door handles are another quick-win upgrade that can change the entire tone of a room. Bring a bit more intentionality to your interior design by upgrading your door handle to something like the Viano Leverset, which is available in four finishes. 

5. Incorporate Natural Materials

Introducing varying shades of wood and other woven textures can bring warmth to a room and make it feel more established. Think: a jute rug here, a cane chair there, a sturdy oak coffee table—these types of natural materials anchor a space. Another option: Opt for interior doors with rich woodgrain, like our bestselling 2 Panel Arch Top V-Groove Knotty Pine Interior Door.

natural doors

Ultimately, there are tons of ways to add a bit of character to a brand-new home. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and let your personality shine through your decor. No two homes should look exactly the same, because no two homeowners are exactly alike. Take risks—you’ll be glad you did.