5 Timeless Perks of French Doors

5 Timeless Perks of French Doors

Looking to add instant elegance to your home? Better yet, what about elegance that actually serves a purpose? Enter: the French door.

French doors have been popular for generations, but have recently had a major moment of popularity — and with good reason. There’s a lot to love about these doors, and we’re hitting the top five reasons. Here’s what makes French doors so great:

1. Let the Sunshine In

First and foremost, glassed French doors are a solution for adding instant natural light to a room. With a French door, you’re basically adding extra windows to a room. With more and more people wanting to blur that line between indoor and outdoor living, adding these doors to your space becomes invaluable. 

2. Lower Your Heating Bill

As mentioned above, French doors allow light to flood into a room. Not only does this add to a room’s airiness, but it can actually help keep a room heated during colder months. Additionally, French doors can be quickly opened and closed (compared to their sliding door counterparts), which results in a reduced amount of escaped air. Those two factors coupled together equal a lowered heating bill at the end of the month — score!

3. Go For Functionality

Not only are they pretty, but French doors are actually super practical! They allow for spacious, inviting entryways — ideal for entertaining, family gatherings, and even moving big pieces of furniture into a room. As an access point, French doors are pretty tough to beat.

4. Definite Durability

Many people incorrectly assume that when a French door is glass, it’s less secure than a solid wood door in the same spot. This couldn’t be more wrong! French doors can have security locks easily added in. And, Door to Door French doors feature tempered glass, which is a toughened type of safety glass for added strength.

5. Easily Customizable

French doors are universally elegant and timeless, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize them to get exactly what you want! From single glass panes to multi-pane to frosted glass (and so much more in between!), choose from a wide range of French doors and find the perfect fit for your home. 

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