5 Functional Home Upgrades to Maximize Your Space

5 Functional Home Upgrades to Maximize Your Space

When it comes to home improvements, you don’t have to choose between design and function. There are endless possibilities that seamlessly blend style and sensibility. The best part? Many of the solutions are shockingly simple!

Ahead, we’ve rounded up five functional home upgrades to make your space more practical. 

Grow your own indoor herb garden.

Not only are indoor herb gardens bright and cheery, they’re also super functional (and edible!). Plants and herbs can brighten up a corner, enhance the fragrance of a room, purify the air, and even boost your mood. Now that’s a multi-purpose improvement! South-facing windows typically work best for herb gardens, but as long as they receive sunlight, you should be fine.

herbs in pot by window


Save everyone a seat.

Nothing makes a person feel unwelcome like not knowing where to perch. Having plenty of seating makes a home feel inviting and relaxing. To put seating in the most sensible spots, try to sit in a space and imagine the flow of conversation, where the TV or entertainment area is, and how the room is trafficked daily. Eliminate excess chairs in odd corners and awkwardly shaped sofas, and instead opt for pieces that are customized (or nearly customized) for your specific space. 

Add natural light.

Adding sunlight is a fix for many things in life, including dim, cramped rooms. In your home, this could be as major as knocking out a wall or as minor as eliminating heavy drapery. Not only will this brighten a room and make it more stylishly airy, it also makes reading, cleaning, and other everyday activities much more tolerable.

Choose louvered doors for laundry space. 

The elegant appearance and practicality of louvered doors are an ideal choice for laundry rooms. The louvers, or slats, on the doors allow for easy air ventilation, which helps inside contents from getting stale or damp. Of course, louvered doors are not limited to laundry spaces and are also a great option for utility closets, storage areas and more. 

Save space where you can. 

In today’s world, space comes at a premium, and so maximizing what you have is critical in your home’s functionality. One way to improve efficiency is to use a space-saving door like a barn door. While a traditional door requires room to open, barn doors simply slide from side to side. Plus, there are a wide range of styles available so you can find one that’s perfectly suited to your decor. 


bedroom with white barn door leading to bathroom

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