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4 Immediate Benefits of Replacing Your Front Door

Is replacing your front door at the top of your to-do list? For many people, this home improvement goal gets put on the back burner — but there are a few compelling reasons why you should consider replacing your door before it’s way past due. Ahead, we’re hitting the highlights of installing a new front door on your home.

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#1 Improved security

Your front door serves as your first barricade to the outside world, so it’s reasonable to want it to be secure. Older doors usually come with older locks — and that can be a real concern when it comes to keeping intruders out. In fact, door locks are not designed to last the entire lifetime of the actual door. With a new door, you can easily add new hardware, a multi-point lock, or even a keypad lever or deadbolt. 

#2 More energy efficiency

An old door may have vintage charm, but it simply cannot compare to new doors when it comes to energy efficiency. Older doors are much more likely to allow drafts and leaks to creep in and out of your home — and that means your home stays hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. Not good! With a new, better insulated door, you’ll keep your air flow in check and maybe even shave a few dollars off your monthly energy bill. 

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#3 Boosted curb appeal

Replacing your front door can instantly refresh your home’s entire facade. Because replacing front doors tends to get put off by sellers, a brand-new door can make the buyer feel like the home is truly “theirs” now. All things considered, it’s actually a relatively low-cost way to give your curb appeal a boost in the right direction. Plus, a new front door can actually improve your house’s value — talk about a project that’s worth it!

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#4 Personalized style

Last, but certainly not least, replacing your front door affords an opportunity to express your personal design style. From transoms and glass panels to traditional raised panels, you can choose a door style that reflects your taste. The front door is typically the most seen (and utilized) part of your home, so making it feel customized is never a wasted effort.

A fresh new front door is pretty to look at, but there are some pretty major practical perks, too. From improved home security to boosted curb appeal, installing a new front door offers a wide host of benefits. 

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