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From Door to Headboard - A Rustic and Unique Touch for your Bedroom

From Door to Headboard - A Rustic and Unique Touch for your Bedroom

We are always finding unique ways that people use our doors, and love seeing pictures of completed projects. We were recently approached by a customer that was interested in creating a headboard out of an extra door they purchased from us when remodeling their home. While we do not have pictures of their project yet, we did some research online to see if there were any other DIY’ers out their with the same idea. We found a few projects but love what this crafty person did with an old wooden door that is similar to our 5 Panel Shaker Style Door

Check out their project and our thoughts on it below!

old shaker style door turning in to a headboardImage: Dave Jacquin - License

Add some character to your bedroom by using an old wooden door for your headboard! This unique touch is sure to catch your guests’ eye and is the ultimate DIY trick that will add personality to the room where you spend some of your most important time. By removing the door knob and simply adding a piece of molding, as pictured in the project below, will complete the look and secure that look of a headboard you had custom made from a high end designer.

finished purple shaker door used as headboardImage: Dave Jacquin - License

Adding this rustic look is sure to create a warm and cozy environment and give your bedroom that unique touch. The rustic mixed with contemporary style is now very popular amongst interior designers.

finished purple door used as headboard second imageImage: Dave Jacquin - License

Don’t have an old door? Try your local thrift store or second hand construction center. Looking to purchase a slab door and ‘aging’ it yourself? You can also get the look by adding your own creative touch to one of the doors we have in stock. Whether it be staining, faux-finishing, or painting a bold color, starting with one of our doors can help you get the look!

tools on shaker style door being turned into headboardImage: Dave Jacquin - License

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